Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Petty Squabbles

You know, I have to say that I am pretty darn sick of petty squabbles between Christians. All this name-calling and rabid desire to call people out for stuff they write. Its as though people cannot resist having the last word on things.

I used to be one of those people.

Don't they ever get exhausted?

All this back and forth- blog posts and comments and defenses and point-by-point interactions with every single line, telling people to grow up, and just being deliberately mean. Were I an unbeliever gazing at some of the crap I witnesses today in the blogosphere, I'd have run away fast, shaking my head and telling myself that if this is the way Christians behave towards EACH OTHER, why in heck would I want to join their club?

I think blogging is a fantastic medium. Don't get me wrong about that. I have two blogs... well, more than that, but I don't write on them... but sometimes I feel like blogging was the worst thing to ever happen to Christian women.

When else have Christians been able to behave so immaturely, so uncharitably, and not be held accountable for it?

Now, I am not above reproach here. No siree Bob... but I've repented and no longer engage in that kind of thing. I still attack issues, but I try to stay away from people as much as possible. That's why I don't write about a certain Anti-Feminist Matriarch on WWF anymore. Its very difficult to keep posts about her away from the personal because so much of what she writes betrays the kind of person she is. (Did I cross some lines here? Oops!) Well, I don't even read her blog anymore- can't stomach it.

I can't really stomach any of it anymore. I'm so over the internet.

Gotta go check my facebook...

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  1. I hear you about petty squabbles and gossip,etc. I think it unfortunate when certain women decide they can no longer befriend you on your blog because they disagree with one statement. Good grief! Do we really have to agree with everything that our fellow Christians say in order to be thier friend? Its hurtful, petty, and wrong! Great post!