Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Elders are Coming! Crap!

We have our elder visit tonight, so I'm posting my to-do list for the day. I'm lucky that I feel super-motivated today. I might actually get more done then I have in WEEKS!

1. Fly Lady Crisis Cleaning (all steps) - DONE!

2. Clean stove top

3. Clean all appliances

4. Clean all mirrors, computer, and TV screens

5. Dust house

6. Keeping the Home's Emergency Quick Clean process

7. Wipe down all tables,c ounters and surfaces throughout the house

8. Clean all sinks

9. Clean bathtub (which will basically consist of putting all the bath toys out of the bathtub and closing the shower curtain so no one can see how yicky the bathtub is... can't handle this one today)

10. Clean toilet

11. Sweep/Mop Kitchen Floor, bathroom floor

12. Vacuum bedrooms

13. Vacuum living room

14. Put out candles in bathroom

15. Make beds

16. Put away laundry

And if I have time:

1. Clean cabinets in kitchen

2. Declutter top of pantries

3. Go through boxes of crap, 15 minutes at a time (this is all the stuff collected from the Fly Lady Crisis Cleaning so that we can clean the rest of the surfaces)

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