Thursday, June 18, 2009

Every Time

There's a weird, providential phenomenon that happens in my life every so often- usually, when I've hit time of spiritual dryness, where I'm ready to throw the book at my faith and walk away. Without fail, every time, the Lord uses a particular family to bring me back to Him. Its really strange, actually.

This morning, while cleaning my stove, I listened to this little talk done by one of the members of this family:

Could this spiritual giant, this amazing woman of God, be bored in church? Does she have times where she struggles in faith, where she feels as though she has failed in her pursuit of Christ?

My friend who is speaking is one of my mentors- her mom is the other- and she doesn't even know it. As she and her family live in Scotland, its not like I ever get the chance to see her... it may be that I never see her again... but I can't wait to embrace her in heaven and say thank you for all the ways you have touched my life and for being open to God's leading in ministry to others.


  1. Yeah, sure, I see how it is. I explain that a spiritual drought is normal But a Clifton says it and you have an epiphany. I'll try not to take that personally. LOL =P

  2. Please don't take it personally... In the talk I listened to, Julie was talking about how she went through YEARS of spiritual drought. It would be like the Pope saying that he struggles with the desire to get married... no freaking way! So, she's one of us, in other words...