Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Doubles the Crap

Will I ever stop being a total frak-up?


This day started out so well... but like a lot of days that start out well, it ended with me frakking something up.


Day after day after day.

How's that for recovery, eh? Its a downward spiral, an infinite regress, this pessimism. You screw something up. You feel like crap. You then realize that you should have better perspective on everything, so you feel bad about feeling like crap. It just doubles the crap you feel.

And it never ends.

Thank God for meds.


  1. Oh friend, I understand that feeling! Forget the meds...fall into grace! :)

  2. Okay, I realize that my first comment seems trite, so I'm going to try again...ready? Here goes...

    Oh friend, I understand that feeling - like, everyday of my life! It is SO hard to sometimes just let grace...let grace...

    Meds can be helpful too! ;)