Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Phonics Museum GIVEAWAY!!

Recently, I discovered a phonics program that I am DYING to try out.  Its called "Phonics Museum"

Its sort of a phonics/handwriting/art combo program from Veritas Press.  Now, be warned: Veritas Press is an Evangelical and distinctly Reformed Protestant curriculum, so if that worries you, don't even look... cuz you'll be hooked once you check out this program.

Raising Homemakers is giving away a Kindergarten-First Grade Combo Kit. Oh. my. heck!  So, I'm blogging about it to raise awareness and also to give myself an extra entry (teehee...) 

So check it out!


  1. Hey, you're posting again. Check you out!

  2. Yeah... thought I'd give this blogging thing a try again. I get all excited and then I lose steam again. We'll see :-)