Sunday, February 27, 2011


My husband became an official catechumen of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church this morning.

Glory be to God!


  1. I'm looking at the Church, and investigating the differences between Roman and Orthodoxy. I assumed you were Orthodox, and now it sounds like your husband is Latin?

    Do you have the time to clarify that for me?

  2. Hi Amy Jane! My husband will be received into the Orthodox Church two weeks from tomorrow. Yay!! Do you have any questions? Maybe I could try and answer some of them for you. If not, I can probably send your to some sites that are much better than mine :-)

  3. {grin} thanks, I'm finding more than I'll ever read, I was just confused b/c I read the phrase "One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church" and didn't know if both branches use that phrase.

    Anyway, I stopped to browse b/c I saw you were a homeschooler including faith.

    Once my husband and I are in full agreement I want to be more intent on that.

  4. Yeah, I was kinda being obnoxious when I initially made that post. When Catholics and Orthodox say that line of the creed, of course, each is talking about their own branch... but unfortunately, IMHO, the Roman Catholic Church cannot rightly make that claim because it has so departed from the Faith of the Church Fathers. We look similar and we are... I think that's why it often confuses people.

    Obviously, I know that my one or two Catholic readers will disagree with me. I'm not about to argue or even discuss it. If I didn't think that way, I'd be Catholic, not Orthodox... ;-) but I will never be Protestant again.