Monday, June 13, 2011

Its Summer and I Want to Kill My TV

Its summer.  Well, not technically... but our last day of homeschool was this past Friday.  I'm still putting stuff away from the move, although, I am obsessed with the idea of getting it all done by this Friday.  I'm obsessed for one reason: my children have been parked in front of the TV or the computer for weeks now.  Not all day.  Not every day.  But way too much for my taste.

Before we moved, we had this great system- chores first, then a little time on the computer.  School lessons.  Playtime.  Lunch.  Afternoon chores.  Computer or TV while I made dinner or put the house back together before my husband came home.

But as we started packing the old house and unpacking the new one, those routines, of course, went out the window.  I've tried to keep the kids distracted and out of the way so I could be massively productive.

Have I been massively productive?

That would be no.

I haven't felt well- my daily afternoon headache seems to appear around noon.  I have energy in the morning but then late morning, early afternoon, I feel yucky and don't do anything but waste time.  When I get my second wind, its time to make dinner.


So I'm forcing myself to be massively productive today.  I don't care how I feel.  I don't care whether or not I have anything good to listen to.  I'm going to push through the physical annoyances and move quickly through my home putting away everything possible.

Cuz if I don't get this done by Friday, I'm going to kill my TV and throw away every computer game we own.

Maybe I should just do this anyway...

Thankfully, my kids do play outside a lot or in their new rooms, so their days aren't completely governed by the endless distraction.  I hate it and I'm ashamed to have allowed it.  I could justify it if I actually got anything done... but I haven't done well in that department.

So, I'm off.  I would appreciate any prayers offered on my behalf.  I sure need them because this headache is kind of a doozy and I can't find my Excederin Migraine... best medicine in the world!

I'm off!

No really, here I go!


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  1. Praying for you! Don't feel too guilty, it's just a mini season in life. You'll get back into the groove sooner than you think.
    ~Sarah :)