Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've never suffered from homeschool burnout.  I mean, how in the world would that even be possible?  I've only been homeschooling since September.  I wasn't burned out, but I was bored.  Very bored.  I'd see all these blogs detailing their Charlotte Mason or classical education method and how they were reading living books and their kids were loving it... and I'd think "Sheesh!  All we ever get to is math, reading, writing and Bible.  Where did all my vision go?"

My loss of vision basically amounts to laziness.  I've been so caught up in my own agenda which, if I'm honest, involves spending much too much time on Facebook or reading lame watchdog blogs that don't edify me one bit.  I'd wake up excited for the new day... and then all of a sudden, it would be 2pm and we hadn't sat down at the table once.

Spending time with our homeschool group, St. Theophan Academy, really helps keep the inspiration up.  These ladies LOVE their children and they love homeschooling.  They love teaching their children.  They love books and they love getting down on the level of their kids and really engaging them.  Their homeschooling is deliberate.  And that inspires me.

I've also found fresh inspiration at Evlogia's Orthodox Homeschooling Series.  Katherine is a seasoned homeschooling and a lover of all things Charlotte Mason.  I have great respect for her experience as a mother, homeschooler, Orthodox Christian and all around person.  She is a beautiful writer.  And I'd be remiss if I did not credit her for a great deal of this new zeal and vision I have for our schooling.

One more blog tip for my two readers out there: 10 Million Miles.  Visit and be blessed.  Laura and her family are precious.  I'm not sure how I found this blog... I think I found the video they did on You Tube with Laura's two daughters making butter by shaking a mason jar filled with cream.  Seeing her joy as a mother, as a wife, as a homeschooler... just check it out.  You'll be blessed.

I have more I'd like to write, but it is REALLY late and I need to clean up before heading off to bed.  But I just wanted to say that I am EXCITED!  I've caught the vision once again and I can't wait to start a new week with our new lesson plans.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Phonics Museum GIVEAWAY!!

Recently, I discovered a phonics program that I am DYING to try out.  Its called "Phonics Museum"

Its sort of a phonics/handwriting/art combo program from Veritas Press.  Now, be warned: Veritas Press is an Evangelical and distinctly Reformed Protestant curriculum, so if that worries you, don't even look... cuz you'll be hooked once you check out this program.

Raising Homemakers is giving away a Kindergarten-First Grade Combo Kit. Oh. my. heck!  So, I'm blogging about it to raise awareness and also to give myself an extra entry (teehee...) 

So check it out!