Friday, May 6, 2011

Spanking: Not a Solution for Disobedience

A quote from the FABULOUS book Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives:

If the parents say, 'Stay here,' then the child must stay where they told him.  But a child is a child; he cannot sit still in one place.  What usually happens is that the parents spank the child for being disobedient.  But that is not a good manner of teaching a child obedience.  Maybe sometimes a spanking is called for, but then it should be out of love, and the child must feel love.  Parents should never spank their children when provoked by anger.  For if you are going to correct someone when you are angry, you will achieve nothing.  You will only hurt both the person and yourself.
If you want to bring someone onto the right path, to teach and advise him, then you must humble yourself first and talk to the person with a lot of love.  He will accept your advice, for he will feel that it is given with love.  But when you want to have your own way at all costs, then you will achieve nothing.  That is how resistance builds up in the child.  When a child is disobedient, spanking is not a solution.
~Elder Thaddeus

First off, let me just say that I STILL fail to see how spanking a child, even "in love," can possibly make a child feel loved.  So obviously, I would disagree with Elder Thaddeus here.  But I love the rest of this quote and I think he's spot on for the most part.

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