Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moving Along...

I'm basically convinced that my biggest flaw is a total lack of self-discipline. I have sworn up and down that I will go raw or vegan or do the Master Cleanse or juice with my blender... I go for maybe a day and then BAM! I'm off the wagon and eating the crap. I'm obsessed with food, but that doesn't seem to help me very much. All I've eaten today are some Good N Plenties, Chocolate, toast, and coffee. Not great. I have a fridge full of greens, fruit, KALE (my favorite), fresh salsa... all that great stuff, but I'm sitting here drinking my third cup of coffee, feeling sorry for myself, and trying to get up enough energy to start my day.

And its 2pm.

I have clinical depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder for which I've been in therapy or taking meds for the past five years. I've been off the meds for a week now. Haven't had any major freakouts, so that's good. I didn't make a conscious decision to stop taking them. Mostly I just forget to take them.

Anyway, I have five things to look forward to in the next two weeks. (Here's my attempt to go all positive...)

1. I FINALLY ordered my Blendtec on Wednesday last week. It should arrive by Friday of next week. Woohoo! No excuses now. None.

2. Sometime this week, I'll be done working for good. I can finally concentrate on my home without the divided loyalties.

3. My mom comes home from her visit to Indiana next week. Can't wait to see her!!

4. The ADVENTURE CLEANSE starts in just over a week. Can. Not. Wait.

5. Worldfest 2009!! Can't wait to see Kathy Freston, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, and Ani Phyo out there while, hopefully, devouring loads of great "adventure cleanse" approved foods.

Oooh, this reminds me. I need to order my Enema bag. Great. Can't wait for that. Will I have the guts to actually do an enema? We'll see.

And speaking of ordering things, I need to order my husband's insulin... so I'm gonna go. Will hopefully be back blogging again real soon.


  1. I'd love to see you blogging, again, babe. As for the enema....good luck with that! *hugs*

  2. Yea, well, see the post above... Can't afford the enema thing after all. Maybe that's a good thing?