Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its All About Babysteps

I feel like I'm on my way. These days, my life has been all about baby steps- the minute little choices we have to make each and every time a temptation comes our way. Some days, I cave. Most days, however, I am able to remain faithful to the course I've set on.

I've had a crappy day. Nothing went particularly wrong. It was busy. It was boring. And I'm tired. Being bored, stressed, and tired are probably the biggest triggers to Mocha-drinking in my life. Before I'd been at work an hour, I was already thinking about when I could get to Starbucks... and it had to be Starbucks because I actually like their iced coffee (with a pump of Toffee Nut) without milk or cream. Then I was ready to shoot on over to Borders to get an iced caramel latte and a snickerdoodle. Talk about DAIRY!

Amazing, I came back full circle again and asked myself this question: Am I committed to this life? Am I committed to remaining vegan for my health and for the planet. Am. I. Serious?

The short answer (at least for this that I asked myself the question) is yes.

So I started plotting my trip to Starbucks again. Thankfully, listening to a few Rawkin Radio podcasts, I gave up on the idea of coffee and decided to bless myself with a green juice instead.

Wonder of wonders! I feel so much better! My mood has improved (although that may be due to the fact that I get off in 5 minutes). I have more energy. Imagine that!

Baby. Steps. Make conscious decisions instead of eating mindlessly. One day, one choice, one moment at a time.

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  1. hope you're still taking those baby steps and that asll is well with you. looking forward to a new post, as i've enjoyed reading the older ones. :)