Friday, January 9, 2009

Daily Appreciation

1. A constant place to live. Can't even imagine being homeless, let alone homeless with my husband and children.

2. Family nearby. They are all a tremendous blessing- our backbone.

3. My husband- I am his biggest fan. What an amazing man. Hard worker, faithful lover, constant friend.

4. My children- What joys! So often, I feel like a plain crappy parent. And then Alex runs to get Sophia her own cup of water because she's constantly asking me for a sip out of mine. No one asked him, but out of his own tender heart, he helped her.

5. Good health- more about that coming up.

6. A church home. I can't imagine handling the stress of life without this foundation.

7. The misty cool air of this morning. Makes winter hang on a little longer.

8. The fact that I can listen to music while I work. I'd die of boredom otherwise. Not that my job is boring... but my mind tends to wander and music, ironically, helps me focus.

9. Books. I love books. I love the smell of books, what's in books, buying books, having long lists of books to read. Why I EVER watch TV is beyond me.

10. Battlestar Galactica. Lame appreciation I know, but its there nonetheless. I love having things to look forward too. BSG's final 10 episodes start airing a week from today. I still think Gaeta is the final Cylon, but who the heck knows. Mark thinks its Hera. I love how this brings us together LOL!

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