Monday, January 12, 2009

"I Don't Know Where I Stand"

This song often comes to mind when I think of my old friend. Its ironic that I thought of this song this evening when it is so "appro-po":

"Funny day, looking for laughter and finding it there
Sunny day, braiding wild flowers and leaves in my hair
Picked up a pencil and wrote I love you in my finest hand
Wanted to send it, but I don't know where I stand

Telephone, even the sound of your voice is still new
All alone in California and talking to you
And feeling too foolish and strange to say the words that I had planned
I guess its too early, cause I don't know where I stand

Crickets call, courting their ladies in star-dappled green
Thickets tall, until the morning comes up like a dream
All muted and misty, so drowsy now I'll take what sleep I can
I know that I miss you, but I don't know where I stand
I know that I miss you, but I don't know where I stand"

-Joni Mitchell

This song was the theme for our entire relationship. And it still is! Hilarious!

1 comment:

  1. You actually have a blog that appears to be somewhat nice.

    I actually have a blog friend. I think you are. Let's be civil for now. If you are in California.... keep posting for now.

    I just hope you are not in disguise. I am a lady in Tampa, 45, married 10 years no kids and well, there is much to be said on what we can still do for ladies.

    I think when they see our benefits are better than what they give.... they will choose life.